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Hair Creme Masque - Love salon-smooth hair that knows no dryness. Get beautiful, flowing hair which is full of strength and shine! With this unique NutriGlow Advanced Organics Hair Cr?me Mask for Dry & Damaged Hair get excellent results in just one use. This hair spa Creme introduces a new dimension of hair repair which restores even most distressed hair to its optimal level of force and elasticity. Suitable for even most damaged hair, this revolutionary hair Spa Cr?me works by optimizing natural oil balance of hair and scalp. Delivering intense conditioning the natural and nourishing ingredients present, impart deep moisture and nutrition to hair and scalp, softening and smoothing down hair cuticles to deliver silky soft and very glossy hair. Designed to make sure that every application makes hair smoother, stronger and softer than before it heals the damage inflicted by pollution, heat and colour treatments styling irons, hair dryers, colouring dyes, dust and dirt your hair suffers untold damage every day from heat, chemicals and pollution. De Tan Cr?me Mask - Did you know : Prolonged Exposure to harmful IVA and UVB rays of the sun is responsible for skin darkening and ageing. After years of research, NutriGlow Advaced Organics De Tan Cr?me Mask has been introduced to address this basic Problem . This advancement in skin care science combines a skin brightening peptide, melanin inhibitors and botanical extracts for skin colour and texture improvement. Benefits of Lactic Acid ?Dahi? for providing beauty is well known in Ayurveda. This De Tan Cr?me Mask is designed to offer deep exfoliation of dead cell, embedded dirt and grime from skin. Mint and Eucalyptus, detoxifies the skin and improves blood circulation. Bio engineered to restore radiance and decrease melanin of Sun Exposed skins area while assisting in the reduction of hyperpigmentation and protecting against future discolouration. This Unique cr?me pack aids in repairing the damaging effects of overexposure to the elements without clogging pores.


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