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A great beard is a clean beard. And a clean beard is a well-groomed beard. The Daadhi Mooch Beard Wash is meant to help clean your beard thoroughly. It is formulated especially for the sensitive skin under your beard. Many-a-times dirt, grime, and oil can get stuck under the hair and over time can cause irritation, bumps, and itchiness. A quick wash, twice a day with this amazing beard wash is highly recommended in order to maintain a well groomed, clean and orderly beard! **The Daadhi Mooch Beard Wash works best with Daadhi Mooch Beard Oil and Daadhi Mooch Beard Wax for a great cleansing, toning and styling routine for your beard. How do I use Daadhi Mooch Beard Wash? It is quite simple really. Splash your beard with water. Apply a generous amount of the Daadhi Mooch Beard Wash on it and work up a lather. Wash away with cold water. When should I use Daadhi Mooch beard wash? The more times you wash your beard in the day, the better. And each time you wash your beard, ensure that you always use beard wash.


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